New releases from Luxembourgish Artists



Luxembourg is a fertile ground for jazz music, as reflected by its artists’ current projects. Benoît Martiny and his band opened up the year with their CD and DVD release “The Grand Cosmic Journey” (Badass Yogi Productions) in February. The album was recorded at the Like a Jazz Machine Festival in Dudelange (southern Luxembourg).
Up next was the eclectic multi-instrumentalist and composer Pol Belardi with his “Urban Voyage”, released in March 2016 on the Swiss label Unit Records.  This 11 membered mammoth crossover project combines groove music, electronic sounds, beats and spoken word, ranging from traditional jazz to impressionistic music.
Last but not least the Pit Dahm Trio, led by the up-and-coming drum player Pit Dahm, will release its first album “Omicron” on Hevhetia Records at the Like a Jazz Machine/Dudelange on May 6th.  Inspired by several genres, from classical to heavy metal, the band unites a mix of composed and freely improvised music.