New Label Bleu release: Rouge « Vermeilles »

Joining Label Bleu today, to release with "Vermeilles" a second record as ambitious as it is appealing, Rouge move up to a new level. Even if in the main, one can find the same ingredients as in "Derrière les paupières", the trio have unquestionably gained in maturity and in collective control.  Their discourse is resolutely acoustic, but they decorate it with a subtle resort to electronics, thanks to collective arrangements highly sophisticated. There, the slightest variation in colours, in texture or dynamics results in a true work of musical scenography, redistributing the place and role of each instrument inside a composition dramaturgy always in movement. The trio thus develop some kinds of landscape-pictures in a series of  compositions both atmospheric and highly melodic, with moving shapes that seize, within very precise and defined frames, the tiniest mood change of the ensemble.  Going from pieces that pulse with cotonous minimalist grooves showing some sort of pop melancholy (Feu, Louves, Move in) (“Fire”, “She-wolf”, Move in)  to hybrid compositions with contrasted movements, letting more or less subliminal references to classical music arise  (Granit, Tempête) (“Granite”, “Tempest”), or sometimes referring to songs (the very nice Strawberries in the Dark, sung by the British folk-singer Kate Stables) - Rouge here state anew, with strength and talent, the singularity of their universe, always working towards purer fundamentals of their music both contemplative and sensory, letting us hear more than is written through a writing that is ever precise and elegant.
Official release of « Vermeilles » on the 2nd of february.
Rouge is :
- Madeleine Cazenave, piano
- Sylvain Didou, double bass
- Boris Louvet, drums
First single « Granit » :
Concerts :
- Tour des arts / Les Herbiers – 2 february 24
- Studio de l’ermitage – 20 april 24
- Maison de la Culture d’Amiens – 22 may 24