New Danish code for equal access in the music industry

Under the joint project “Musiklivets Partnerskab” - an initiative by multiple organizations of the Danish music industry, JazzDanmark introduces the code for equal access - a code directed towards all partners of the Danish music industry. The code consists of six principles that respectable organizations are expected to follow:

1. Bias-conscious directors and coworkers
Commitment to training and educating directors and coworkers in working with, while challenging own stereotypes and prejudices to counteract ingrained and limited perceptions and beliefs.

2. Broad representation among gatekeepers
Aspiration to a broad representation in positions and decision processes functioning as gatekeepers and practicing some power concerning evaluation, distributions, bookings, and employment.

3. Role models
Commitment to working with diverse role models and idols in your internal and external work.

4. A safe and inclusive culture
Commitment to defining and spreading a safe and inclusive culture and work environment where no one meets discrimination.

5. Professionalization of the organization
Commitment to work with establishing, implementing, and maintaining the necessary processes and guidelines for strengthening the professionalization of management layers, processes, structures, and operations. 

6. Data and transparency
Commitment to measuring the effort, annual follow-up, and communicating about the activities and results to secure progress and transparency.