Music of presence - inspired by mythical screams

Nasjonal jazzscene in Oslo has a stated goal and long history of hosting commissioned work from many of the great festivals around Norway. One of those is Vossa Jazz Festival, held annually during the week before Easter up in the mountains of Norway. Last year’s concert was gripping and exciting music from a Danish saxophone player with an amazing ensemble. Now we can proudly present this concert on our stage in April. 
The composer Signe Emmeluth has become one of the pivot points in new, Norwegian jazz and contemporary music. We have enjoyed her band Emmeluth's Amoeba and she has written fantastic music for Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. The commissioned work “Banshee” is powerful music where an all-star team of Norwegian musicians also use their voices in a harmonious presence.
The title “Banshee” refers to a mythical creature that heralds destruction, grief and death in the family, with shrill screams and wails. Emmeluth describes the work Banshee as a "fearless tale of presence". "The Banshee figure is not necessarily intended as something scary and horrifying, but rather a statement of time passing. Live life while you have it. What do we want to experience while we exist? What do we leave behind? Are we present?"
This band is definitely present, ready to give you a great experience. Hope you can be too!
Signe Emmeluth - Banshee
Nasjonal jazzscene, Thursday April 18. More info and tickets here.
Photo: Margit Rønning Omholt