Movement Radio at Onassis Stegi

Demand the Unexpected

From 2 November 2020 | online radio

Listen to the sound of our times and immerse yourself inside a unique outlook by tuning in to an international radio station that smashes through borders to bring you incredible names from the Greek and international DJ, hip hop, electronic, and world music scenes 24/7.

Onassis Stegi on the airwaves. Movement Radio – the international online radio station based in Athens that caused waves as part of the “Movement 1920–2020: Beyond and Between Borders” festival held in February 2020 – is set to broadcast again, curated once more by Detach (Voltnoi & Quetempo), from November 2, 2020.  Original radio programming – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – created by a large and diverse team of producers selected from the Greek and international scenes: from Optimo to Moor Mother, Alan Bishop to Christopher C. King, and Black Athena to Carina, Movement Radio is in tune with the world.

In addition to its regular programming, Movement Radio will also be hosting special tributes relating to current affairs (such as 24-hour coverage of the US Presidential Elections held on November 3) and major figures from the world of music (such as a digital conference in honor of Kraftwerk’s fiftieth anniversary celebrations on December 10).

The station’s programming consists of daily live shows, DJ sets, thematic music programs, interviews, talk shows, live events, and more. The main thrust of the station is the comprehensive fusion of elements drawn from the lively, outward-facing Greek DJ, hip hop, and electronica scenes, and from scenes and hybrid fields emerging in every corner of the globe, with an emphasis on the Mediterranean Basin.

Movement Radio is a cultural platform that focuses on new music production, but also on its historic past, jointly sharing stories that have not yet been told, speaking through sounds and ideas, tracing current political and critical thought, and crossing an imaginary archipelago for the bolstering of dialog that goes beyond borders and dates. It is a culturally bonding substance set between peoples, communities, and artistic creation. This new radio station will act as a transmitter, set to record, broadcast and unite past, present and future from its base in Athens.

Movement Radio is a cultural platform that reflects the sounds and stories of the Mediterranean, and focuses on the cultural thrust that has developed historically through the arts and music, in this part of the world and beyond. Movement Radio seeks out the relationships and interactions between the civilizations bounding the Mediterranean Basin, and looks for examples of similar cultural relations further afield. It aims for the creation of a broadened map of the area that includes artistic dynamics stretching from the Middle East, through the countries of Southern Europe and North Africa, all the way through to Khartoum and Kampala, Durban and Kinshasa, Detroit and Kingston, India and Indonesia.

Some of the biggest names of the international music and radio scenes are taking part in this project. Moor Mother, an experimental rapper from Philadelphia, is curating a monthly radio show presenting young music acts she has worked with or been inspired by.

Tash LC, an English producer of Jamaican descent, presents a series on contemporary electronic afrobeat music. With her monthly mix, the Tunisian producer Deena Abdelwahed presents the Mediterranean’s new electronic dance music scene. Representing the Beirut Groove Collective, the Beirut-based Armenian-American DJ and journalist Jackson Allers takes us on a tour of the music (and full-on dance) history of Lebanon and the Middle East.

The Grammy Award-winning producer Christopher C. Κing, known in Greece for his international bestselling book “Lament from Epirus”, hunts through his rare collection of vinyl 78s to find that inner sound connection shared by music compositions separated by thousands of kilometers across the globe.

The American Alan Bishop, co-founder of the legendary ethnomusicology label Sublime Frequencies and the avant-garde band Sun City Girls, takes it upon himself to expand our musical geographic horizons, focusing on such areas as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Maxton Fort, founder of the avant-garde Egyptian Nashazphone label, will be initiating us in both new electro chaabi trends, and the experimentations of the Cairo scene.

Veteran Lebanese radio producer Ziad Nawfal, founder of Beirut’s Irtijal music festival and Ruptured Records, will be giving us an introduction into the electronic and experimental scenes of Beirut and the Middle East. May Roosevelt, a musician and theremin player from Thessaloniki, will be revisiting Jules Verne’s “Eighty Days Around the World”, tracing the route taken by the novel’s lead characters to uncover local music of today and yesteryear along their journey. Movement Radio talk shows will also be giving airtime to members of Athens’ immigrant communities. The Syrian Greek Youth Forum, one of Athens’ most active groups, present a series of field recordings from our city, Arabic poetry, interviews, music, and political analyses, all filled with the inspiration everyday life needs.

I.C.G., an association of our fellow citizens from the Ivory Coast, present a series of programs on the culture, music and history of their land, and on their community’s events.

Also with:
Renegade DJ duo Optimo from Glasgow, who have redefined what dance music can be in our times over their twenty years of work. Dominican visual artist and producer Kelman Duran, resident DJ of the Rail Up club in LA, and the spiritual father of the hybrid ambient reggaeton genre. Musician, designer and DJ Bill Kouligas, founder of the PAN record label. The Lebanese musician and DJ Rabih Beaini, one of the most influential figures in the contemporary electronic music scene of the Arab diaspora, and founder of the Morphine record label. Radio producers and label duo Black Athena, known for their work in and around the Greek trap and hip hop scenes. Jay Glass Dubs, the experimental dub alter ego of the musician and visual/sound artist Dimitris Papadatos, one of the most international figures of the Greek electronic scene. Athens duo Ice_Eyes, active exponents of the city’s new cross-cultural electronic scene. Adamantios Kafetzis, founder of the Teranga Beat record label known for its thrilling re-releases of music from Africa (Senegal, Ethiopia), as well as for its contemporary offerings from Greece (Evritiki Zygia).

Producers List
Optimo, Moor Mother, Tash LC, Alan Bishop (Sublime Frequencies), Bill Kouligas, Dj Not I, Whystine, Cristopher C. King, Carina, S.T.M.C, Khmer, Black Athena, Grace Ow, Neda, Marwa Belhaj Youssef, Tayhana, Deena Abdelwahed, Christina Hazboun, Kelman Duran, Invernomuto, S.T.M.C, Dj Plead, Nyege Nyege Tapes, Nashazphone, Agent Mo, Teranga Beat, Jackson Allers, Ziad Nawfal, Muqata’a, Nelson Gomes (Principe), Francesco Cucci (Gqom oh!), Ice_Eyes, Jay Glass Dubs, G.S.Y.F, Ayesha Hameed & Pablo Jose Ramirez, Montassar Ayari a.k.a. Afrika Kassette, Oko Dj, Andreas Runner, Berceuse Heroique, Athanasios Argianas, Afroditi Psara, Veslemes, May Roosevelt, MarcelDune, Enemies of the State, Polyxene, Manos Saklas, Chevy, Dimitri Papaioannou, Entropia, Hypermedium, Nat Case, Aggelika, Figott, Lo/Fi, Dj Bwana, Panos Hanjaras,, Flökosh, Breakin’ Moves, ΑΣΤΥΤΕΚΚ, Marios Visvikis, Andreas Kasapis, Misuta Go, Orila, Alex Zen, Kotsonis, Aris Ktoridis, H2O, Katia, Nektarios Pappas, Trial & Error, Joseph (ATH Kids), Maria Pappa, Modal Analysis, Ayshel Purpleness, Bright, Takis Zontiros, Eleni Ikon, Spymania and many more.

Curated by: Detach (Voltnoi & Quetempo)
Produced by: Onassis Stegi
In collaboration with: Goethe-Institut Athen

Parallel Events

American Elections

Movement Radio Takeover
3 November 2020

American elections are one of the greatest media events, a cultural and political export for the globe. It may not change the politics itself, but it sparks the beginning of a new 4-year spectacle. Movement Radio will host an American election 24-hour thematic takeover on November 3rd, 2020, the day of the election, and is inviting its producers to contribute with an “americana” mix of their own conception.

Kraftwerk – Endless Europe
Α Digital Conference
10 December 2020

Celebrating 50 years of Kraftwerk, this digital conference intends to explore the history of Europe through their concept albums (“Autobahn,” “Trans-Europe Express,” “Radioactivity,” “Man Machine,” and “Computer World”). The project will take the shape of an e-conference and a dedicated radio programme/ musical tribute on Movement Radio by its producers and dj’s. Kraftwerk – Endless Europe aims to revisit Kraftwerk’s artistic output and re-contextualize it within a 21st century aesthetic and sociopolitical discourse, setting nostalgia aside.



DETACH is a collective of two artists – Voltnoi and Quetempo – created in 2015 from the ashes of drog_A_tek and The Erasers.

DETACH work on the different typologies of the practice of everyday life. Their research explores text, sound, moving image, narratives and gestures of pop (sub-)culture that delve into a critique of current socio-economic structures.

Their curatorial and art projects range from festivals and conferences to audiovisual productions, and from real-time cinema performances to cultural interfaces aimed at unfolding obscure realities and futurities in the public sphere. By questioning the limits of representation through user experiences, they aim to slip under the veil that shrouds society in its totality, thus exposing the discrimination – on the basis of class, race, and gender – that threads through its very fabric.

Over the last two decades, they have also busied themselves with projects such as the NoCentral independent gig-space, Bios (Exploring Urban Culture), Synch Festival, OXY Magazine, NoLogo Graphic Design Agency, The Groove Machine, and the Syntax Error? fanzine, to name just a few.

Selected works
2020 – Movement 1920 – 2020 | Festival & Online Radio Station | Onassis Stegi, Athens
2019 – Blockchain: Utopia or U-turn? | Festival & Cryptorave | Onassis Stegi, Athens
2017 – Enter Afrofuturism | Festival | Onassis Stegi, Athens
2017 – The Death of Recorded Music | Festival | Onassis Stegi, Athens
2016 – The Dark Manifesto | Lecture Performance | Athens & Epidaurus Festival

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