Mladi Ladi Jazz festival for International Jazz day 2022

Mladi ladi jazz celebrates international jazz day with an open-air event, introduces new club concert series

For many years now, the 30th of April has been known as the International Jazz Day; and in Prague, the day has been regularly celebrated by the organizers of the Mladi Ladi Jazz festival. The festival has put together a grand celebration at the Karlovo Náměstí park, featuring an array of genres ranging from hundred-year-old saloon evergreens, through contemporary hip-hop, to straight out electronica. One of the names featured at the free-entry open-air event is the UK band Hidden Orchestra - a project formed by Brighton-based composer and producer Joe Acheson, who is often surrounded by excellent musicians with roots in various genres and styles. The international bill also features virtuoso ensemble Nubyian Twist, led by multi-instrumentalist Tom Excell - a 10-piece band boasting high energy and references to jazz, hip-hop, afrobeat, latino, soul, reggae and dance music.  Amongst the local acts are the Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra, representing the authentic and stylish tradition of jazz, blues, swing and the 1920s dance music, as well as the Martin Brunner Band - a quartet of elite musicians with multi-genre influences.  The international Jazz Day was established 12 years ago by the UNESCO General conference, with Herbie Hancock and the Institute of Jazz as its official ambassador and partner.  This year, several countries around the world take part in celebrating this day, just like Mladí Ladí Jazz does in the Czech Republic.

The event will be live streamed by Czech Radio Vltava. The stream will also be available on the Mladi Ladi Jazz facebook. For more information see .