Mladi ladi detem: Hudebni cesta svetem

Musical project Mladí ladí dětem: Hudební cesta světem by Mladí ladí jazz festival is entering the digital world! This 9-piece music lecture series is hosted by Oran Etkin, American-Israeli jazzman and Grammy award winner. He is the founder of a unique educational music method called Timbalooloo, which playfully teaches children the music theory basis. The series is inviting children and their parents to travel the world and absorb the culture of different places and genres.

This journey will take you to meet some famous American jazzmen or drummers from Africa and Brazil. The children will get to know instruments such as balafon or caxixi. They will also meet the queen of Romani music and, of course, the Czech songs will not be missing. Children are going to enter the multicultural environment and they will playfully master the basics of musical and cultural heritage of different parts of the world. They don't need to know the music theory nor be able to play any music instruments to actively participate.

Right from the beginning it is our main goal not only to contribute with first-rate and intelligent music, but also to support multicultural education and connecting children across majority and minorities. Thanks to the European Jazz Network we were able to bring the project to many children with different social backgrounds.

You can find the whole Mladí ladí dětem: Hudební cesta světem playlist on YouTube.