Michel Camilo on tour 2016-2017

Michel Camilo
A pianist of tremendous technique and agility, Camilo's mixture of his native Caribbean rhythms with traditional jazz harmony enthrals audiences all over the world. Michel Camilo is a pianist with a brilliant technique and a composer that flavors his tunes with Afro-Caribbean rhythms and jazz harmonies. Mr. Camilo's musical language is an expressive and exciting way of combining his musical heritage with a rich, intelligent use of harmonic textures, jazz roots and his superb piano technique. His music is mainstream jazz first and foremost, propelled by an infectious Latin tinge and a contemporary sense of swing that reflects his joyously effervescent personality. In cooperation with Sandra Camilo, Artist Management, Redondo Music (USA).

Line ups:
Michel Camilo Solo (piano)
Michel Camilo & Tomatito (duo piano and flamenco guitar)
Michel Camilo Trio plus band

Travel party: 2-5 people

More infos:

On Tour:
May, July 2016 (Solo or Trio),
October, November 2016 (Solo or Duo with Tomatito),
January, February 2017 (Solo or Duo with Tomatito).

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