Michel Camilo & Tomatito (February, May, July, October, November 2017)

We are proud to announce Michel Camilo & Tomatito. The duo is planning an extensive tour in 2017 following the release of their new album 'Spain Forever' in autumn 2016. The duo looks back on a successful history of musical collaboration. In 2000 the first joint release of the two outstanding musicians called 'Spain' won the Latin Grammy.

Michel Camilo is a pianist of tremendous technique and agility, his mixture of his native Caribbean rhythms with traditional jazz harmony enthrals audiences all over the world. He is a pianist with a brilliant technique and a composer that flavors his tunes with Afro-Caribbean rhythms and jazz harmonies. Michel Camilo's musical language is an expressive and exciting way of combining his musical heritage with a rich, intelligent use of harmonic textures, jazz roots and his superb piano technique. His music is mainstream jazz first and foremost, propelled by an infectious Latin tinge and a contemporary sense of swing that reflects his joyously effervescent personality.
Tomatito is well known as one of the most prominent virtuosos on the flamenco guitar and one of the pioneers of the flamenco nuovo. Tomatito incorporates elements of jazz in his style of flamenco. Apart from the Latin Grammy in collaboration with Michel Camilo also two of his solo albums ('Aguadulce' in 2005 and 'Sonata Suite' in 2010 as well as a collaboration with Paco de Lucia ('Paris 87' in 2000) managed to win a Grammy awards. In cooperation with Sandra Camilo, Artist Management, Redondo Music (USA).

Michel Camilo - piano
José Fernández Torres (Tomatito) - guitar

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Michel Camilo solo
Michel Camilo duo

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On Tour: February, May, July, October, November 2017 (Europe)

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