Maria Joao OGRE - available for booking 2014-2015


presented at Jazzahead by CultureWorks
Austrian Stand B10
Maria Joao
The Portuguese grande dame of vocal acrobacy proudly presents her hew electronic project: With OGRE Maria João joins an instrumental electronic and digital basis leaving behind all definitions of musical genre. In the quintet, the electronic based trio is joined by an acoustic piano and a percussion mix of acoustic and electronic drums.
OGRE makes cool and fresh music, it’s an unparalleled project in Portugal that goes beyond any label, but fits, according to the standard, into world and fusion music. Drum'n'bass, dub, "electro", "8-bit music" and electroacoustic sound are some of the aspects explored, based not only on original compositions but also on very own adaptations of well-known pop/rock and jazz themes. 


It’s about music that is not limited to the Lusophone elements that scent it, nor to the jazz, that supports it, nor to the electronics, that drives it. It transforms all these approaches in other realities, other experiences, on razor’s edge, combining references to Portuguese, African and Brazilian and even Japanese popular music, with contemporary composition and electronic: in several styles, in different languages, without barriers, prejudices and rigid labels...
MARIA JOÃO - vocals 
JOÃO FARINHA - Fender Rhodes, synthesizers
ANDRÉ NASCIMENTO - electronics, keyboards
JOEL SILVA - drums



Upcoming Live Dates
Maribor (SLO) 27 june TBC
Wien (A) 17 december TBC
Budapest (H) 18 december

Booking GAS & Central Europe
CultureWorks, Sabina Schebrak
Tel +43-1-5223522/10, mobil +43-664-5132367,

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