Luxembourg was boiling during the last months!

First, our participation at JazzAhead with a specific session presenting Luxembourg has led to great opportunities for the musicians and allow us to start new project collaborations.

Also, the "SHUFFLE Luxembourg jazz meeting" held online in March is still creating waves, with the videos accessible on our youtube playlist:

Finally, the artists have been very productive, with 5 new album releases!

Reis Demuth Wiltgen
Album: "SLY", out Feb 2021
Record label: Cam Jazz Records

Sticking with the known acoustic piano trio format, “SLY” captures the trio’s current musical identity and the strong voice it has developed among piano trios in recent years. The musicians recognize the importance of being aware of their roots in the context of making and creating music. “Our music is by no means traditional of our home, but the knowledge of our heritage provides a foundation upon which we can stretch out to build new experiences and thus create an honest and sincere, yet innovative sound."

Greg Lamy w/ Flavio Boltro
Album: "Observe the silence", out April 2021
Record label: Igloo records

The Greg Lamy Quartet is an inspired and challenging formation where the pleasure of performing together and being pluralist at the same time is the decisive element, creating a unique jazz atmosphere. With his new album "Observe the silence" out on 4 April 2021, Greg Lamy signs a new collaboration with the Italian trumpeter Flavio Boltro.

Michel Meis 4tet w/ Théo Ceccaldi
Album: "Ka:Boom", out May 2021
Record label: Double Moon/ Challenge records

The 4tet will release its new album in May 2021, with the great participation of Theo Ceccaldi! Around the drummer Michel Meis, the band is making its mark on the European jazz scene with a sonic vocabulary that skillfully blends traditional instrumentation with the fresh approach and the broad musical background of open-minded and fearless musicians.

Pascal Schumacher
Album Re:SOL, out April 2021
Record Label: Neue Mester

Pascal Schumacher released his last album SOL in June 2020 on the Neue Mester label (DE). But this insatiable vibraphonist seized the opportunity of the pandemic period to look again at this album and offer a revisited version. Re:SOL was released on 27 April. In this project Pascal Schumacher invited 4 other solo musicians to create their own interpretation of tracks from the album. Malakoff Kowalski, Viktor Orri Árnason, Fejká and Midori Hirano took part in this project, creating a moving and captivating musical hybrid.

Arthur Possing 4tet
Album: Natural Flow, out August 2021
Record label: Double Moon/ Challenge records

“The second album of the Arthur Possing Quartet, “Natural Flow“, brings plenty of innovations. It sure has a certain continuity from the band's debut release, but there has been a lot of research in terms of compositions, sound and band identity. For this album, the quartet features on several tracks the French, Brussels based trumpeter Thomas Mayade (Brussels Jazz Orchestra, David Linx, Electro Deluxe,...), who adds a special, unique colour to the band. The band recorded the album in Peter Gabriel's famous Real World Studios in Box (UK), which are some of the best sounding and most acclaimed in the world. They house an array of the finest audio equipment ever made.