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Composer's Kitchen 2013 - 9th edition

Invitation to composers

The Workshops

Montreal, Canada: Sunday 21 April to Saturday 27 April 2013

Huddersfield, UK: 15 - 24 November 2013 (exact dates to be confirmed)

The Bozzini Quartet (Montreal) announces the ninth edition of the Composer's Kitchen in its expanded format in collaboration with the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (hcmf//), the UK's largest international festival of new and experimental music.

The Kitchen

This unique event revolving around the string quartet is a combination workshop, laboratory, playground, and master class. Over the course of a week, the Bozzini Quartet and two experienced composers will observe the work of four up-and-coming composers. Their compositions will be read, played, assessed, analyzed, worked on, played again, and performed in the closing concert.

The Bozzini Quartet and two mentor-composers (Michael Oesterle, Montreal/Canada, and Laurence Crane, London/UK) will work with the participants in an informal yet intensive atmosphere.

The Exchange

The Composer's Kitchen hosts an exchange with the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, providing the opportunity for two UK composers to attend the Canadian edition, and two Canadian composers to attend the UK edition of the Composer's Kitchen. All four participants attend both phases:

1. the seven-day workshop in April 2013 in Montreal, ending with a public laboratory-concert, and

2. a three-day follow-up masterclass in Huddersfield, UK in November 2013, to refresh and bring to maturity the work which was developed in the springtime. This phase closes with a feature concert at hcmf//

Eligibility and Selection

The Composer's Kitchen 2013 is open to the up-and-coming generation of

- Canadian composers (Canadian citizen or permanent resident), and

- United Kingdom composers (born in the UK or foreign nationals who are permanently resident in the UK)

From all eligible applicants a total of four participants (two from Canada, two from the UK) will be chosen. The applications will be judged for the originality, creativity, artistic vision, and craft represented by the compositions submitted. The Bozzini Quartet reserves the right to select participants. Incomplete applications, or those which do not fulfill the eligibility criteria will not be submitted to the jury.

Financial information

Each successful applicant is awarded a full tuition scholarship. In addition, the participants' travel is supported according to the following chart:

Travel to Montreal

Travel to Huddersfield

UK participants

Travel and accommodation are paid through financial support 

Travel and accommodation are paid by hcmf//

Quebec participants

At the participant’s expense

Travel and accommodation are paid through financial support

Non-Quebec Canadian participants

The Bozzini Quartet will support the participant’s applications to travel grants through the Canada Council for the Arts, the participant’s home provincial arts council, universities and other sources

Application procedure

Submit your application no later than 10 November 2013

We are accepting electronic applications only.

1. Complete the application form at the link below electronically (in Word or OpenOffice)

2. Save your completed version of this form with a new name as follows: yourlastname_CK2013form

3. Prepare a folder, named yourlastname_CK2013app and include the following files:

- The excel form, completed and renamed

- Two sound examples, .mp3 or .m4a (no .aiff accepted) files clearly labeled

- Two scores in .pdf format, files clearly labeled

- Your CV in .pdf format

4. Send this folder to office@quatuorbozzini.ca via YouSendIt, or other online file transfer service.

5. As a confirmation, send a separate email to office@quatuorbozzini.ca to let us know that you have sent your application.

For more information, contact office@quatuorbozzini.ca

To read about Scott McLaughlin's experience as a participant at the 2012 Composer's Kitchen, click here 

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