Light Pillar - first album of the pianist Gordan Spasovski, second release of ZJM Records

 We are proud to announce to the second release of our recording label ZJM Records.

It is about something we are really proud of – the first album of the Macedonian jazz pianist, composer, and arranger Gordan Spasovski, a piece that according to the public, has been rated as probably the best release Macedonia, in the field of jazz music so far.

The album named “Light Pillar” includes eight jazz compositions, two of which - solo piano and one vocal-instrumental composition.  The other five compositions are performed with his standard trio - Kiril Tufekcievski on double bass and Viktor Filipovski on drums, which together capture the authenticity and virtuosity of the contemporary Macedonian jazz sound. This rhythm section is often present on the jazz scene and accompanies many Macedonian jazz artists and ensembles. The compositions are inspired by different temporal musical turmoil, brought together as a whole, with the 'light pillar' as the symbol that drives his musical creation.

Gordan Spasovski appears as a complete composer, arranger, and producer of this project that had its concert promotion on 16.05.2021, as a part of the fifth edition of "Today it's all about jazz" – festival that celebrates International Jazz Day, this year help with a certain delay because of the COVID situation.

Gordan is a jazz pianist, composer, and arranger based in Skopje, Macedonia. He started taking jazz lessons with the Macedonian arranger and pianist Ilija Pejovski and later enrolled his studies under the mentorship of the great pianist Olaf Polziehn at the “University for music and performing arts – Graz” in Austria.

With his trio, as a solo pianist, as well as with a few large ensembles, Gordan Spasovski had played on several European jazz festivals, such as Belgrade Jazz Festival, Trieste Loves Jazz - International Jazz Festival, Venezia Jazz Festival, Brasov International Jazz Festival, Skopje Jazz Festival, Ohrid Summer Festival, as well as in some of the most notable jazz clubs throughout Europe, such as Jazzclub Unterfahrt München, B-flat Jazzclub - Berlin, Blue Note - Osnabrück, etc. Since 2016, he is the pianist of the “ZJM Big Band”. With his original composition “Inner Nova” he is the finalist of the HELSINKI INTERNATIONAL BIG BAND COMPOSING CONTEST 2021.

Gordan has performed with the following notable musicians: Don Menza, Martin Gjakonovski, Nicolas Simion, John I. Apelgren, Peter Ehwald, etc.

As a sideman, he appears on the following albums: The Backyard Jazz Orchestra - “The Backyard Jazz Orchestra”, Dzijan Emin and the Magical Orchestra - “Live in Ohrid”, John Ilija Apelgren Quartet - “A tribute to Nat King Cole”, Marija Dimitrijevic Quartet - “Ogledalo”, Ljubojna - “BYZANCE”, Goce Stevkovski Septet - “Home”, Igor Stanoevski IGIMAN - “Ain’t nobody’s business”. As a co-leader, he appears on a duo album with the Macedonian vocalist John Ilija Apelgren called “Midnight Conversation” and as a leader, he had his debut album in 2021 called “Light Pillar”.

The album is available to listen to and download at the following links: