On Tour:

(Peru & Cuba)

TOUR  "TE VI NACER vol. 1"

return to Europe from 24th of March until 17th of April 2016

Barbaro Fines Y su Mayimbe

In January 2010 Barbaro Fines Forte, a Cuban pianist residing in Lima, Peru, decided it was time to start his own band. Barbarito, as he is known to his fans, had previously worked with a number of famous bands in Cuba - Bakuleye, La Charanga Forever, Alain Daniel, La Rebambaramba, Moneda Dura, Issac Delgado, Paulito F.G, La Caro Band and in Peru with Los Conquistadores de la Salsa. Lima has always been an important center of Timba, but the Peruvian-based bands had experienced limited international success, perhaps due to the difficulty of the Cuba-centric nature of timba fans, and perhaps because most bands focused on doing covers of timba hits rather than developing original material.

Cover Te Vi NacerLima, with it's seething timba scene, devoted timba fan base and mix of Cuban musicians and timba-playing Peruvian musicians was ripe for the picking. Barbarito built up a repertiore of original material composed and arranged by himself and brought together a mix of Cuban and Peruvian musicians to perform it. After four months of intense rehearsals Mayimbe was born on May 29, 2010. Barbarito's music was an instant hit in Peru, and when the demos reached Europe, they became a popular part of the DJs playlists. In 2011 Mayimbe released their first CD "De La Habana a Perú" and again achieved instant success. In 2012 they did their first European tour followed by their first US tour in 2013 where the debut concert at Cafe Cocomo was packed and the band proved that they are the genuine article with a show that left fans gasping for breath. 

Mayimbe has worked hard to break down the prejudices faced by any timba band not coming out of Havana, and they have been extremely successful. They are one of the busiest bands in Lima and have proven themselves to both the European and US audiences. BFM toured last September and October succesfully Europe, with an extensive 23 dates tour. In March and April 2016 they will be back by popular demand presenting their brand new album 'Te Vi Nacer'.

current line up: 
Bartbaro Fines Fortes - Piano, Director
Fabian Quiala Roman - Singer
Reinaldo Sosa Varona- Singer
Gary Lobaton Orozco - Singer
Pietro Oberto- Besso Moreno - Singer
Norberto Valdez Alpizar - Baby bass
Carlos Arana Saravia - Trombone
Andres Mena Guerra - Trombone
Jefferson Gil Zevallos - Trumpet
Christian Gomez Basilio - Trumpet 
Daniel Huaman Velasquez - Congas
Ronald Maguiñan Garcia - Drums, Timbal
Luis Manuel Sosa Martinez - Guiro

2011 - De La Habana A Peru 
2013 - Mensajeros de Dios 
2016 - Te Vi Nacer

Please contact us for concert dates: 

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tel +31 20 7749 749
Mob NL +31 6 45 57 63 20
Whatsapp +32 47 212 74 37

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