Last avails 2017 & touring 2018

Last available dates in 2017:

Patti Austin & Trio
"celebrating Ella"
November 8/9/11/13/14
Laila Biali Trio
(ASIA only, Asian record release)
November/December upon request
Matt Bianco
November/December - upon request
November/December - upon request
Bob James Trio
October 26/29/30/31
November 1/2/4/5
Jacob Karlzon
October/November - upon request
Vanessa Rubin & Band
October 30/31 & November 1
Take 6
November 11 (only Eastern Europe due to Routing)
Nov. 13/19- 22
Vocal Sampling
Nov 19/20/Dec 11/12/13/17/18
Nik West
Prince protege and bass "badass" singer Nik West is our latest signing, new album release in 2018
Oct. 28 - Nov. 1
Nov. 1/3/5- 8

For 2018 we are already working on a few GREAT projects as (more to follow):

Patti Austin
May 5 - 14/18 - 27
The Count Basie Orchestra dir. by Scotty Barnhardt
April/May 2018 ** dates are filling up fastly
Ivan Lins & New York Voices with Danish Radio Big Band dir. by Ralf Schmid
"Passage to Brazil"
This project celebrates the famous music of Brazilian icon Ivan Lins in a incredible fresh way! MD of Ivan Lins, Ralf Schmid, has done the hippest new arrangements of Maestro Ivan Lins's music/hits twisting his music around in such a cool and unique way. Ivan Lins’s distinctive vocals, together with a full body powerhouse Orchestra (Awarded Danish Radio Big Band), added with the incredible vocal harmonies of New York Voices, sums up to a unique project that should not be missed.
May/July/Oct - Nov 2018 (with a spring album release)
Ramsey Lewis Quintet
November 2018 (and July)
New York Voices
January 18/19/28
Take 6
Tributing their friend and mentor Al Jarreau
March 12- 15/18- 25
April 15- 19/23- 29
May/July 2018
Nik West
Prince protege and bass "badass" singer Nik West is our latest signing and we are already started to work on dates in March/June/July/August and November 2017. Album release in 2018.


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