L’Ensemble ensemble – Eve Risser | 9 MAR 2019 | Onassis Stegi

At Onassis Stegi where improvisational jazz and experimental contemporary music is of great importance, a unique musical quintet takes the stance. Compositions that seek to liberate musical expression and enjoyment, with rhythms and dreamy sounds, from the most daring French pianist and composer, Eve Risser. In “L’Ensemble ensEmble,” the composer is surrounded by four notable musicians of different geographic and aesthetic backgrounds, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and images. The electronic experiments and Norwegian folk of Mari Kvien-Bruvoll and Kim Myhr encounter the improvised jazz of Romanian composer Georges Dumitriu and the inventive style of Toma Gouband, in a heterogenous aural amalgamation. Enigmatic compositions, whose rhythms and harmonies are based less on the classical rules of music, than on a sense of collectivity, one whose moving intensity electrifies the atmosphere at Onassis Stegi.

Eve Risser: piano, prepared piano, alto flute
Marie Kvien Brunvoll: vocals, electronics
George Dumitriù: violin, viola
Kim Myhr: guitar, effects
Toma Gouband: percussion
Find out more here: http://www.sgt.gr/eng/SPG2241