Knutpunkt Nefertiti

Knutpunkt Nefertiti is a project initiated by Nefertiti Jazz Club, Gothenburg. Nefertiti is a legendary jazz club with a wide repertoire. Besides live shows, Nefertiti is also home to the city's most vibrant nightclubs. On stage, you will mostly hear jazz, but also etno, hip hop, blues, soul and electronic music. Knutpunkt Nefertiti is a project that gathers 19 jazz venues in the region of Västra Götaland. Together they collaborate to increase accessibility of jazz music in the region by for example conducting joint tours with different jazz groups and/or arrange livestreamed concerts.
The project is funded by Region Västra Götaland for three years; 2018-2020. A coordinator is employed to drive the project forward, initiate projects, take advantage of the organizers' ideas and apply for common funding. 
During the 1 ½ years that the project has been up and running Knutpunkt has livestreamed four concerts, organized four tours with swedish jazz acts, launched a technique support that helps the venues to proffesionalize their business and inspired each other by meeting and sharing knowledge. In the autumn and early winter 2019 Knutpunkt plans seven tours and at least two livestreams.