Katowice JazzArt Festival premieres a cassette: Jędrzej Siwek's La Mer

On 7.7.2022 Katowice JazzArt Festival premiered a cassette: Jędrzej Siwek “La Mer”. The concert premiere of La Mer took place on International Jazz Day during the final day of the 11th edition of the Katowice JazzArt Festival.

A few words about the project from the author, Jędrzej Siwek: "In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic lockdown, I completed the author's La Mer, inspired by three symphonic sketches by Debussy. Back then, my musical vocabulary was limited in means of expression to a few simple associations with experimental, ambient, concrete music. Two years after the release of the studio version and four released albums, I'm rereading La Mer, this time live in a recording from Katowice, immersing myself in the underwater world of sounds of the real and imagined sea that I have in my childhood memory; a loud, cold, dangerous, harsh, even at times brutal and frightening, at the same time most appealing.”
Picture by Jędrzej Siwek