Jorge Rossy Vibes Quintet European tour January 2020

Dear Presenters in Europe,

This thrilling quintet is touring again in January 2020 - see tour details far below.

Jorge Rossy, vib /Mark Turner, sax / Jaume Llombart, gtr / Doug Weiss, db / Joey Baron or Jeff Ballard or Billy Hart, dr

Converted to the vibraphoneBrad Mehldau's historic drummer presents his Vibes Quintet, an all-star band with saxophonist Mark Turner and legendary drummer Al Foster
A disc light, all shades, in which the soloists insurance is constantly sublimated by the magic of improvisation. 
"Beyond Sunday" reveals not only the breadth of the talents of one of the major musicians of our time but above all, it sounds like a great opus of modern jazz.

LIVE VIDEO  "Sativa"
LIVE VIDEO  "Beyond Sunday"

07 - 23 January 2020

with Jeff Ballard
07 Jan 
08 Jan   Vienna, AT 
09 Jan

with Joey Baron
10 Jan
11 Jan   Concabella, ES
12 Jan   Freiburg, DE (or 20)

with Billy Hart
13 Jan
14 Jan   London, UK 
15 Jan   London, UK
16 Jan
17 Jan
18 Jan   Ferrara, IT 
19 Jan   Prague, CZ 
20 Jan   Freiburg, DE ( or 12)

Trio with Billy Hart & Doug Weiss
21 Jan   Paris, FR 
22 Jan   Paris, FR
23 Jan

Available: 7, 9, 10, (12),13, 16, 17, (trio:) 23 January 2020

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