Jazzfest Berlin Digital Guides

Especially for Jazzfest Berlin 2021, the festival’s co-curators and local journalists have embarked on a journey of discovery into the creative music scenes of their respective cities and invite you to explore them as well with texts, interviews, videos, photo spreads and playlists.


Inside the Scene: Cairo

Improvised music has a long tradition in Cairo. The Digital Guide highlights two artistic video works from the Jazzfest Berlin 2021 programme that refer to it in very different ways.

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Inside the Scene: Johannesburg

In the vibrant metropolis of Johannesburg, musicians find both inspiration and opportunities to present their art. The Digital Guide takes you right into the heart of it.

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Inside the Scene: São Paulo

São Paulo is a melting pot of cultures. This is also reflected in the city’s experimental and diverse musical scene, into which the Digital Guide provides first insights.

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