Jazzdo.it series of conferences during JazzMI Festival in collaboration with EJN

JAZZDO.IT is the new section of JAZZMI festival started in the 2017 edition, it’s a special project for Italy, designed to let international artists, record labels, media, professionals, public institution representatives met, in order to exchange ideas and discuss about art, music, business and aesthetic issues. JAZZDO.IT is open to both, people working in performing arts and normal public.

JAZZDO.IT will come back on November 8, 9 and 10, 2018 and it will focus on Asian markets, How to improve the jazz music’s landscape, About digital music: the distribution and the marketing, Jazz teaching in conservatories and schools and more.

JAZZDO.IT is realized with the support of SIAE – Società Italiana Autori ed Editori  and it is in collaboration with Europe Jazz Network, Federazione Il Jazz Italiano, iJazz e MidJ.

Europe Jazz Network is collaborating with Jazzdo.it in the organisation of three conference panels:


Thursday 8 November 2018, Triennale Teatro dell'Arte, Milan - 10h30
Exporting Jazz - Panel
Export offices and national organizations for the promotion of jazz and creative music play a pivotal role in promoting both breakthrough and established artists outside their countries of origin, by taking them around the festival circuit of European and international clubs. This panel will showcase a range of good international practices and discuss ways to increase and improve a procedure that has recently been implemented in Italy as well.

Partecipants: Martel Ollerenshaw | Australian Music Centre, Kim Macari Stone-Lonergan | Jazz From Scotland, Nur Al Habash | Manager Italia Music Export – SIAE, Barbara Canepa | Manager jazz sector of Pro Helvetia

Moderator: Giambattista Tofoni | General Manager Europe Jazz Network



Friday 09 November 2018, Triennale Teatro dell'Arte, Milan - 10h30
Jazz Feeding the Industry - Panel
The sectors of jazz and creative music are constantly producing new ideas, new projects and new artists. Research and experimentation generate new talents enriching all musical genres, including the most “commercial”. This panel will attempt to trace the evolution of these features in the past and make hypothetical predictions on their effect on a rapidly evolving market.

Partecipants: Francesco Martinelli | Director Centro Studi sul Jazz “Arrigo Polillo” of Siena Jazz and Scholar in various italian Conservatories, Michelle Mercer | Author of New York Times and radio presenter at National Public Radio, Franco Fabbri | Musicologist and musician

Presenter and Moderator: Giambattista Tofoni | General Manager Europe Jazz Network



Saturday 10 November 2018, Triennale Teatro dell'Arte, Milan - 10h30
History of European Jazz - Focus
Scholar Francesco Martinelli has been the coordinator of an international research team as well of the curator of the book History of European Jazz.

After over a decade of work, Martinelli is finally presenting his first volume on the century-old history of European jazz. History of European Jazz was first published in the U.K. by Equinox and presented in Lisbon during the 2018 European Jazz Conference, promoted by the Europe Jazz Network.

The book projects Europe beyond its political borders to include musical scenes that are culturally European or close to the old continent.

with Francesco Martinelli | Director of Jazz Centre “Arrigo Polillo” for Siena Jazz and Scholar in various  italian Conservatories