Jazzdo.it Conferences in Milan

Between 10 and 12 November 2017, Milan will become the Italian capital of jazz with Jazzdo.it, a new project developed with the support from SIAE, the Italian society of authors and editors, on the occasion of JAZZMI, the new jazz festival of Milan produced by Triennale Teatro dell’Arte and Ponderosa Music & Art in collaboration with Blue Note Milan.

Jazzdo.it is targeting all stakeholders of the jazz sector such as artists, labels, festivals, editors, media, organisations, researchers and music fans. Inside the programme of JAZZMI, through conferences, showcases, special focus and panels and keynote speeches with international and Italian professionals, jazz will be discussed in may different aspects, from the labels management to the organisation of live events, from new artistic trends to international export, creating a bridge and fostering collaborations and partnerships between the Italian and international markets.

Europe Jazz Network is a partner in the organisation of the event for what concerns the links with the European jazz sector, its national organisations and export offices. In particular EJN will be involved in the following panel debate:

Saturday 11 November - 10h00
JAZZ IN EUROPE: National Organisations and export offices, activities, results and possible synergies with the national systems and European markets.

Jan Ole Otnaes, Nasjonal jazzscene, Norway
Nur Al Habash, Italia Music Export / SIAE – Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori
Lobke Aelbrecht, Flanders Arts Insitute, Belgium
Lars Thor Jensen, JazzDanmark, Denmark
Corinne Sadki, Le Bureau Export, France
Moderator: Giambattista Tofoni, EJN Network Manager

The full programme is available at: http://www.jazzmi.it/it/jazzdo-it​ 

Media partners of JAZZMI and Jazzdo.it are Corriere della Sera, Radio Monte Carlo, Musica Jazz, Edizioni Zero, Spotify. JAZZDO.IT is also in collaboration with I-JAZZ and MIDJ.