JazzDanmark welcomes digital jazzahead! with jazz hub and live concerts

When jazzahead! opens up its virtual doors on April 29, JazzDanmark also opens up its pop-up workspace for all the Danish jazzahead! participants; Denmark on(line) at jazzahead!

JazzDanmark invites the Danish jazz industry to a pop-up LAN party during this year’s digital jazzahead!

In the best LAN-party style, the jazz hub offers the participants their own office space, booking of meeting rooms for jazzahead! meetings, as well as a unique opportunity to network with the Danish jazz industry. When needing a break from the computer, the participants can join the lobby, where drinks and snacks are served and live showcases from jazzahead! are projected onto the walls of the lobby.

JazzDanmark will be participating at this year’s jazzahead! as an exhibitor and will be hosting a talk - “How to Do Diversity”. For more information, follow the program updates on the jazzahead! platform.

Clubnight concerts take place at the second oldest amusement park in the world on International Jazz Day

On April 30th, JazzDanmark celebrates International Jazz Day with concerts by the acts, that were scheduled to perform at this year’s Clubnight concerts at jazzahead!; Abekejser, Kristin Korb Trio and Jakob Sørensen Bagland. The event is organized by JazzDanmark and the amusement park Tivoli, who will also present live concerts with their own Tivoli Ensemble.