jazzahead! 2024 - Showcase applications possible until 18 October

11 – 13 April 2024 in Bremen, Germany

It's that time of year again: the registration and the showcase application phase for what is set to be  the 18th edition of the world’s largest jazz industry gathering has just started! 

We ask for your support as club and festival promoters to please spread the word in your respective  jazz communities and make sure the most promising and exciting applications from all over Europe are received by jazzahead! 

Applications for a showcase can only be submitted online until 18 October 2023. Applications are  possible for registered exhibitors, co-exhibitors on an umbrella stand or professional participants (all  days). The program in 2024 will consist of 40 international showcases, 16 dedicated to bands from  Europe, 8 from Germany, 8 from overseas and 8 from the Netherlands, next year’s partner country. 

All information on our online based application process and the preconditions for applications can be  found here on our website. Any more questions? Please send an email to Insa: stanke (AT) jazzahead.de

If you want to register as an exhibitor with an own stand or if you want to know if your country is  planning an umbrella stand please contact Malena: drela (AT) jazzahead.de 

Registration for jazzahead! 

The jazzahead! trade fair and festival will take place from 11 to 13 April in Bremen, Germany and we  are offering special conditions for participation to all festival and club promoters from the EJN  membership. The EJN booth will be located again next to our umbrella stand “Showcasing Artists &  International Promoters”, all EJN members are invited to use the furnished and equipped facilities there. 

The reduced registration fee is 155€ + 19 % VAT valid until 27 March 2024, giving you a co-exhibitor  status and all other services included. Please contact stanke (AT) jazzahead.de for more details.