jazzahead! 2023 in Bremen, Germany

It's that time of year again: the registration for what is set to be the 17th edition of the world’s largest jazz industry gathering has just started.

The jazzahead! trade fair and festival will take place from 27 to 30 April in Bremen, Germany and we are offering special conditions for participation to all festival and club promoters from the EJN membership. All EJN members have the possibility to register as co-exhibitor of the EJN stand (details will be provided as soon as possible) or they can once again register to the stand  “Showcasing artists & International Promoters”, using the information provided here below:

The reduced registration fee is 145 € + 19 % VAT valid until 13 April 2023, giving you a co-exhibitor status and all other services included, here is the link to get registered.

Please fill in the registration as follows:
Main exhibitor: Showcasing Artists & International Promoters (SAIP)
Contact person: Insa Stanke
Booth number: 6C30

Enter the following discount code in the last step: R1EUJANE

Invitation program for the German Jazz Expo 2023

This year again we are able to invite festival and club promoters to attend the German Jazz Expo 2023, which is part of jazzahead! in Bremen. Our invitation program - supported by the German government and our partner the Initiative Musik - is oriented along strategic markets that already have good artistic exchange with German artists or addresses festivals where there is potential to enhance or develop a German artistic program. In 2023 we are continuing in giving priority to young and/or female artistic directors/programmers to take part in the program. Guests of the GJE within the invitation program will be offered a specific agenda on site and receive free registration and accommodation.

The goal of the German Jazz Expo has always been to sustainably promote German jazz in an international context which is more than ever the case in the year where Germany is going to become the partner country of jazzahead! 2023!

To know more, please send an email to Nina: thomann (AT) jazzahead.de.

Showcase applications possible until 27 October

Applications for a showcase can only be submitted online until 27 October 2022. Applications are possible for registered exhibitors, co-exhibitors on an umbrella stand or professional participants (all days). The program in 2023 will consist of 36 international showcases, 16 dedicated to bands from Europe, 12 from Germany and 8 from overseas.

All information on our online based application process and the preconditions for applications can be found here on our website. Any more questions? Please send an email to Insa: stanke (AT) jazzahead.de.
If you want to register as an exhibitor with an own stand or if you want to know if your country is planning an umbrella stand please contact Malena: drela (AT) jazzahead.de

Please spread the word in your respective jazz communities and make sure the most promising applications are received by jazzahead!

What’s new in 2023: The former program lines on fixed days (like Partner Country Night, European Jazz Meeting, Overseas Night) have been cancelled, the program of the 36 international showcases will be spread over the three full days of jazzahead!. So, for bands applying they have to make sure they have no other commitments between 27 – 29 April, 2023.

jazzahead! CLUBNIGHT

Since 2011, jazzahead! has been presenting jazz and related music in Bremen's city center for a predominantly regional audience. Every year, around 30 venues take part in this much-loved long night of jazz, which is to be held on Friday evening in 2023. Clubs, bars, theatres, museums, churches and hotels, they all become live venues on that night. Band bookings are exclusively handled by the clubs, but jazzahead! will help arrange country or label nights and will also forward some selected band proposals out of the showcase applications to the clubs on their request. So, there is no additional application process. One CLUBNIGHT ticket gives access to all venues; professional participants can purchase this at a reduced price. Your contact for more information is Jakob: fraisse (AT) jazzahead.de.

If you have any questions or need advice on how to best plan your participation, you can find all of our personal contacts directly on our website.
We are looking forward to seeing you all again in Bremen from 27 – 30 April 2023!

Further information on jazzahead!: www.jazzahead.de. Photo credit: © M3B GmbH/Jörg Sarbach