jazzahead! 2021: Registration start and launch of new digital concept

jazzahead!, the international showcase festival and trade fair in Bremen, Germany, will start its online registration on 1 September 2020 on www.jazzahead.de For members of EJN jazzahead! holds special registration offers, for example at the EJN umbrella stand. More info on www.jazzahead.de

Along with the registration jazzahead! also launches various digital offers:

jazzahead! Blog:
With the newly established jazzahead! Blog the industry event creates an online magazine that will feature scene relevant content and articles as well as podcasts. The blog will launch on 21 August 2020.

Virtual Sessions:
Those registered for jazzahead! 2021 will receive access to monthly virtual sessions starting in September 2020. These sessions are panel-like webinars with a podium of speakers. The first online session is planned for 28 September and will present a best-practice with the Bel Jazz Festival (Belgium) - The question: How to successfully organize an online festival and earn money with it? This is exactly what the Belgians did at the end of May: Around 3,000 fans bought tickets for the Bel Jazz broadcast. Each of the monthly session will focus on one scene relevant topic.

Live Panels:
Via the jazzahead! Facebook (and the respective following day on our Youtube channel) short, scene-relevant and practice-oriented conversations will be broadcast live via live stream, where jazzahead! will introduce exhibitors and initiatives. The participation is free of charge.

In 2020, jazzahead! has been cancelled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. For the 2021 edition showcase festival line-up as well as partner country Canada will remain as planned for the past editions.

Find more info on www.jazzahead.de