Jazz at WOMEX 15 - Budapest, Hungary

Jazz “is the sound of surprise” (W. Balliett's) - so come to be surprised!

Celebrating diversity in music for the 21st time, WOMEX 15 (21 to 25 October in Budapest) covers the elastic breadth of Jazz with an exceptional range of artists from around the globe.

Highlights of this year's showcases include: Trumpeter Avishai Cohen's Triveni (Israel) and Martin Lubenov's Jazzta Prasta (Bulgaria/Austria/Italy) as well as The Nordanians (The Netherlands), Rancho Aparte Chirimia (Colombia), Cucurucho (Cuba), PaCoRa Trio (Slovakia), Baraji (South Korea), Javier Paxariño Trio (Spain) and Didier Laloy & Kathy Adam (Belgium)