Jazz Sur Seine Showcases Event

18 Showcases of the best French jazz scene

In partnership with ADAMI and ARTE CONCERT, the JAZZ SUR SEINE Festival invites music professionals and the public to discover 18 showcases of the best of the French scene revealed by the clubs. A selection that is representative of the jazz of 2018, through releases of iconic albums, projects presented in preview or collaborations with guests of renown. The invitation of the music professionals to this event organized the day before the Mama, aims to develop the programming of these artists in festivals, SMAC, theaters etc ... and internationally.

Free admission for the public, Priority access for professionals.

- Stéphane Kerecki "French Touch"
- Arnaud Dolmen "Tonbé Lévé"
- "The Greenwich Sessions by Luigi Grasso" invites Alain Jean-Marie
- Florian Pellissier Quintet "Bijou Voyou Caillou"
- AIRES Trio: Airelle Besson, Edward Ferlet, Stéphane Kerecki
- Romain Pilon "Copper"
- Chlorine Free "Free Speech"
- Fiona Monbet Quartet
- Simon Chivallon "Flying Wolf" invites Baptiste Herbin
- Geraud Portal Sextet "Let my children hear Mingus"
- Vincent Payen "Leeway" + Guest
- Matthis Pascaud "Square One" invites Tony Paeleman
- Timothy Robert "Empty Median" invites David Linx