Jazz in the Park #7

If you’re planning a trip to Cluj-Napoca (Romania) this summer, you’re just in time for Jazz in the Park – a contemporary jazz festival taking place in the Central Park of the city between July 4-7. Having reached its seventh edition, Jazz in the Park comes with a line-up to look forward to and many other exciting activities.

The festival is known to bring together both renowned and underground artists. Between July 4-7, Marcus Miller, Judith Hill, Ghost-Note, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio or Shai Maestro Trio – to name a few – will perform on the festival stages. Added to this, jazz lovers will also get the chance to discover bands like Tiny Fingers, Chassol, Malox, Alaska Snack Time, Ours Samplus, or Noya Rao, that have a different, yet fantastic approach to music.

Apart from the great concerts, the organizers have initiated a project called The Jazz in the Park Fund, through which they support different cultural and social causes, together with the festival community. Although the concerts are access-free during these four days, people can buy a so-called non-mandatory ticket – which means you don’t have to buy it but, if you do, that money will go into helping unprivileged communities that have little or no access to culture.

So, if you’re in for a great event, pack your things, take your friends and see you in the park!