Jazz Migration #5 laureates

We are glad to present the 4 laureates, that will take part to the Jazz Migration promotion in 2019 and 2020. The laureates were nominated through an election process opened to 130 promoters inside and outside AJC’s network (clubs, festivals, nationals theatres, cultural centres, etc).

The Jazz Migration #5 laureates are :


Supported by Jazz à Luz
Julien PONTVIANNE - Tenor Sax / Clarinet
Adrien SANCHEZ - Tenor sax
Maxime SANCHEZ - Piano / Keyboard


Supported by le Crescent
Delphine DEAU - Piano
Camille MAUSSION - Sax
Pedro FERREIRA - Double Bass
Pierre DEMANGE - Drums


Supported by les Rendez-vous de l’Erdre
Julien STELLA - Clarinet
Bastien WEEGER - Sax / Clarinet


Supported by le 106
Heloïse DIVILLY - Drums
Guillaume MAGNE - Guitar
Isabel SÖRLING - Vocals

About Jazz Migration
Jazz Migration, created in 2002, is a program led by AJC, the jazz promoters network in France and in Europe, in order to respond to the issue of emergence and dissemination of young jazz musicians. Jazz Migration is today the only project for french emerging creative jazz musicians, that is offering the opportunity for them to build their careers, develop their skills and get their music out into the world.

More info: https://jazzmigration.com/about-jazz-migration/