Jazz Migration #4 laureates announced

In January 2018, 81 bands applied to our call for candidacy, which shows a great interest for this programme in the French jazz scene. After a vote by 99 promoters, we are glad to present the 4 laureates, that will take part to the Jazz Migration promotion in 2018 and 2019: House of Echo supported by Le Cri du Port; Melusine supported by l’Arrosoir, No Tongues supported by Jazzèbre and Three Days in Forest supported by l’Atelier du Plateau.

Jazz Migration is an ambitious and groundbreaking programme that work since 2002 towards the promotion and the development of young musicians from the French jazz scenes. This unique programme brought to light 191 musicians and produced 750 gigs in France and Europe. Jazz Migration offers to the four laureates appointed by promoters a full 2-year support, including a professional and artistic training and a tour of more than 80 gigs in France and Europe.