Jazz Migration 2017 opening concert

We organise every year the opening concert of Jazz Migration laureates before they open a tour that will lead to more than 70 concerts in 2017. These year, our 4 laureates,  Post K - Jean Dousteyssier, Pj5 - Paul Jarret, Quatuor Machaut - Quentin Biardeau, Watchdog - Anne Quillier, have been selected by more than 85 french promoters, after we received 57 applications. 

You will find more information about them and Jazz Migration in the attached file and you can of course listen to them on our website : http://jazzmigration.com/category/laureats-en-accompagnement/

The concert will be on 29th november in La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues, in Pantin, close to Paris.