Jazz on the Island: Masters and emerging talents unite on the stage of Bozcaada Jazz Festival

The countdown to Bozcaada Jazz Festival has begun. The lineup for the seventh edition of the festival, scheduled for September 8-9-10, has been unveiled. Sponsored by Paribu, this year's festival will once again bring together jazz legends and emerging talents...

Since its inception in 2017, Bozcaada Jazz Festival has seamlessly blended jazz with the enchanting ambiance of Bozcaada Island. As it gears up for another edition, the festival is poised to host a diverse array of emerging talents and esteemed jazz masters from around the globe. Festival-goers will immerse themselves in the captivating world of jazz amidst the island's unique atmosphere, while also enjoying the comprehensive BCF Keşif program that integrates various disciplines, ranging from art to gastronomy...

Who’s on stage?
The festival's opening day will commence with the heartfelt, poignant, and hopeful music of the Meral Polat Trio, whose pure blues spirit brings Kurdish Anatolian folk and mountain folk songs to life. Following that, the concert will delve into the depths of the hard-bop world with Ferit Odman's renditions of ‘Autumn in New York’ and ‘Nommo’, showcasing the quintet arrangements from their album. As you are immersing yourself in the psychedelic guitar riffs and boundless rhythmic sensations of Islandman, who draws inspiration from the "tales of a nonexistent island," the winds of Bozcaada will carry the melodies of Nubya Garcia.

On the festival's second day, Bozcaada Jazz Festival will host the young and immensely talented trio from Luxembourg known as Dock in Absolute. Their impressive stage performance fuses progressive jazz and neo-jazz, featuring piano, electric bass, and drums. Volkan Öktem's '#7' will take the audience on a musical journey, offering glimpses of various styles that he has encountered throughout his 30-year career. Meanwhile, Komfortrauschen will redefine your perception of live techno, infusing pure techno energy into their performance; Kazy Lambist, masterfully blends the serene and sun-kissed spirit of Southern France with electronic music, promising a night filled with dance.

On the festival's closing day, a special project born into the Bova Sahne awaits you: Hissikablelvuku, which will immerse you in a captivating performance that combines the pastoral essence of the past with the possibilities of today's music industry.

Prepare to experience modal melodies, improvisations, rock, jazz, ethno-jazz, electronic music, techno, afrobeat, and noise music, as genres intertwine on stage. The Bozcaada Ensemble, known for its unique interpretation of Anatolian music, invites you to witness an exclusive performance only found at Bozcaada Jazz Festival. Avishai Cohen with Big Vicious will deliver a familiar yet fresh experience; the ensemble creates a unique sound with elements of electronica, ambient, and psychedelic music... Renowned for his eclectic sets spanning progressive techno, electronica, tribal rhythms, and acid house, producer and DJ Claptrap, also known as Gaurav Narula, infuses the Berlin spirit into Bozcaada.

Teis Semey, Europe's "rising star" with a creative and distinctive guitar-playing style, will grace multiple stages with his music, which blends jazz, punk, and electronic improvisation genres.

Festival Program

Friday, September 8th

Ferit Odman Quintet
Meral Polat Trio
Nubya Garcia

Saturday, September 9th:
Dock in Absolute
Kazy Lambist
Volkan Öktem

Sunday, September 10th:
Avishai Cohen Big Vicious
Bozcaada Ensemble (featuring Derya Yıldırım, Elif Dikeç, Itamar Borochov, İsmail Altunbaş)

You can now get your festival tickets!

The countdown has begun for the 7th Bozcaada Jazz Festival, organized with the main sponsorship of Paribu and supported by Kendine Has, Volkswagen, Jack Lives Here, CarrefourSA, The ORGANICS by Red Bull, and Kale Group. The festival also receives support from the Consulate General of the Netherlands, the Consulate General of Israel, the Institut français Türkiye Izmir, the Goethe-Institut Istanbul, and Kultur | lx. Media sponsors for the event include Aposto, Argonotlar, Artful Living, calling, Dadanizm, Dergy, Kafa, Lavarla, Oggusto, Socrates Dergi, T24, and Uplifers.

You can purchase combined tickets for the entire festival or daily tickets for individual days for the 7th Bozcaada Jazz Festival, organized by 3dots and fermente, with contributions from the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), from ticket provider Passo.

Join us at Bozcaada Jazz Festival on 8-10th September to swing to the rhythms of jazz, and together, let us create and play freely in the face of life's challenges.

Stay tuned to Bozcaada Jazz Festival for island-specific jazz vibes!


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