Jazz Camp for Girls in Turkiye

As the founding teams of Bozcaada Jazz Festival, 3dots and Fermente Events, we are excited to adapt "Jazz Camp for Girls," initiated by Jazz Danmark and Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 2014 and later spread to the UK and Northern European countries, to Turkiye. 

The Turkiye leg of this project, supported by Nordisk Kulturfond and coordinated by our creative initiative KEŞİF will take place on 15-16-17-18 November in Akbank Sanat in Istanbul. The project aims to support girls interested in music, increase the number of female instrumentalists in the music industry, and thus achieve a gender balance in the jazz music sector. Carrying on from this unique educational opportunity across the country for girls at the age of 10-15, who want to try working composition and improvisation, no matter the choice of instrument or previous experience, the project focuses on creating a safe space through music, where the girls can practice and acquire new skills, we hope to increase the girls’ interest in playing and composing rhythmic music.

Empowered with Jazz Danmark's cooperation and Nordisk Kulturfond's support, the Jazz Camp for Girls workshops guided by musicians Kamucan Yalçın ve Ömer Vatansever in Istanbul, Turkiye intends to break away from the single-sided historical canon of male dominated music industry, whilst encouraging girls to be reminded by inspiring role models that successfully pursue careers in music whilst portraying cooperation with fellow musicians and/or band members.