August 26th – September 2nd 22022
Dolo | Noale | Salzano | Santa Maria di Sala | Scorzè | Stra

The sixth edition of Jazz Area Metropolitana is Verba Volant. The protagonist of this year is the voice, in its various forms and the most hidden possibilities.

The exhibition will be housed in six municipalities of the Riviera del Brenta and Miranese, in the province of Venice, from 26 August to 2 September. Six dates planned to share music, words, and voices back to the center of the moments to live together without any filters and barriers, with all its different shades, in order to embrace all the colors and the esxpessions that make Jazz the inclusive music par excellence.

The essence of a review that combines young local proposals, national artist and international participation - such as Tiziano Scarpa, Debora Petrina, Krzysztof Kobylinski and Daniele Di Bonaventura, Sara Fattoretto 4et, Francesca Bertazzo "Jazz Connotation Trio", Yumi Ito Trio in collaboration with New Echo System / / Pro Helvetia Venezia, Mutanti Musicali Remondini-Savoldelli-Zeni - flanked by workshops and afternoon musical events for families with Giovanni Perin, Max Trabucco, Emanuele Ruggiero, Max Trabucco.

Evening concerts: € 2.00, tickets on sale on OOOH.EVENTS and on-site; free admission for under 18, musicians enrolled in MIDJ, ULSS3 operators.
Concert on August 30th and afternoon concert lessons with free admission.

Info and reservation

M +39 327 4610693