Jazz Area Metropolitana 2019

The 23th of March starts the third edition of Jazz Area Metropolitana, that includes over 30 concerts in 20 towns in the area between the cities of Padova, Treviso and Venice in the north east of Italy.

This edition of the festival will include performances of several young Italian talents, bands from the European jazz scene with a special focus on the promotion of our country and culture (many concerts will take place in historical Villas, parks and theatres) and a national meeting in collaboration with I-Jazz about the role of improvised music in schools.

sabato 23 marzo 2019, ore 21
Villa Concina, Biblioteca Comunale, Dolo (Ve)
In collaborazione con New Echoes e Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi
TRIO HEINZ HERBERT (jazz/electronics)

giovedì 28 marzo, ore 21
Centro Candiani, Mestre
More Monk!
In collaborazione con Candiani Groove

sabato 30 e domenica 31 Marzo
Villa Loredan, Stra
Progetto L.O.V.E. feat. Claudio Fasoli e Giovanni Perin
workshop and concert

venerdì 5 aprile, ore 21
Auditorium San Salvatore, Martellago
Claus Boesser Ferrari, guitar solo
Marco Magnelli Trio “Dress Code” feat. Daniele D’Alessandro

sabato 6 aprile
Biblioteca Comunale di Spinea, ore 10
Conferenza “A scuola improvvisando”

sabato 6 aprile, ore 21
Teatro Villa Farsetti, Santa Maria di Sala
Mirko Pedrotti Quintet “Durch”
Camilla Battaglia EMIT