Jazz à Juan 2022

The Festival Jazz à Juan, 61 year old this year, will be held from 6th to 19th July, 2022
Next to the main festival, the Jammin'Summer session will allow young and talented bands to perform in front of a wide audience. All concerts are free.
On 7th July : Charlotte Planchou trio - France
On 8th July : Igor Gehenot - Belgium
On 9th July : Christophe Imbs - France
On 10th July : Dexter Goldberg trio – France
On 11st July : Los Aurora - Spain
On 12nd July : Nicolas Gardel - France
On 13rd July : Nathan Mollet trio - France
On 15th July : Call Me Winston - France
On 16th July : Gabriel Gosse trio - France
On 17th July : Three in The Box - France
On 18th July : Akagera - France
On 20th July : Yon Solo - France
On 27th July : Overseas – Toine Thys – BJM discovery
On 29th July : Antiloops - France
On 3rd August : Magalí Sare & Manel Fortià – Jazz I Am discovery
On 5th August : François Poitou quintet - France
On 10th August : Jemm Music Project - Italy
On 12nd August : Laura Prince - France
On 17th August : MOHS - Switzerland
On 19th August : Henry Spencer & Juncture  - England
The 5th edition of Jammin'Juan, the market of Jazz Professionals will take place on November 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2022. The selection for Jammin'Juan showcases is underway and will soon be announced.