Jaki Liebezeit – A Tribute

22 January 2018, 8 pm,
Philharmonie Köln

No other rock/pop drummer has been as influential internationally as Jaki Liebezeit who died in January 2017. One of the reasons being that CAN, the band with whom the Cologne based drummer achieved worldwide fame, did not define itself as a rock band. CAN made music based on extensive collective improvisations and clear, monotonous beats. Liebezeit had a lifelong passion for exploring and renewing his drumming style and sound, and he worked with numerous musicians, bands and producers. The most notable being Brian Eno, Gianna Nannini, Eurhythmics, Depeche Mode and Burnt Friedmann.

On 22 January 2018, the first anniversary since Jaki Liebezeit's death, some of his fellow musicians will pay tribute to him at the Cologne Philharmonic. Just as Jaki would have preferred, a clear dramatic thread will set the tone for this evening. They will celebrate and commemorate this outstanding musician whom the Rolling Stone magazine proclaimed to be "one of the most influential drummers ever".

Jaki Liebezeit - A Tribute
22 January 2018, 8 pm
Philharmonie, Köln
Ticket Price: EUR 27.- plus service charges (25% discount)


Drums Off Chaos (Jaki Liebezeit´s Drum Ensemble with Manos Tsangaris, Reiner Linke, Maf Retter), Baba Zula (Murat Ertel, Levent Akman), Irmin Schmidt, Piano (Can), Damo Suzuki, Vocal (Can), Rosko Gee, Bass (Can, Traffic, Phantom Band), Gianna Nannini, Vocal, Jah Wobble, Bass (P.I.L), Jono Podmore (Kumo), Robert Coyne, Manfred Schoof, Jochen Irmler, Keys (Faust), Pi-hsien Chen, Grand Piano, Burnt Friedmann, Electronica, Rüdiger Elze, Guitar (Kowalski), Hans ‘Bäär’ Maahn, Bass (Kowalski), Dominik von Senger, Guitar (Phantom Band) and more.