Italian jazz unites again to support the areas hit by the earthquake



For the third year Italian jazz is back to support the areas hit by earthquakes in the centre of Italy. Four cities will be involved in four consecutive days full of concerts: on the 31st of August 2017 in Scheggino (Perugia area), on the 1st of September in Camerino (Macerata area), on the 2nd Sept in Amatrice (Rieti area) to conclude on Sunday 3rd Sept in L’Aquila. Over 750 musicians from all over Italy will be involved in a big solidarity marathon with the aim of supporting areas and populations damaged by earthquakes in these last years.

“Il jazz italiano per L’Aquila” has been the first chapter of this process during the first weekend of September 2015, gathering many thousands of people in the city still severely ruined by the earthquake of 2009. The following year, while organising the second edition of the event, a terrible earthquake hit the centre of Italy on the 24 of August and forced all the preparations to stop. A huge mobilisation all across Italy then allowed the creation of “il jazz italiano per Amatrice” on 4 September 2016, with hundreds of solidarity events taking place from Courmayeur to Lampedusa.

In 2017 is now time for “Il jazz italiano per le terre del sisma”. The event, promoted by MIBACT – Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the Municipality of L’Aquila – committee for the Perdonanza, and supported by SIAE, Italian Society of Authors and Publishers, main sponsor of the event, and organised by I-Jazz, association of Italian jazz festivals, MIDJ- association of Italian jazz musicians and Casa del Jazz in Rome, this year for the first time will also involve the municipalities of Scheggino, Camerino and Amatrice, with the support of Associazione Visioni in Musica (Scheggino), MusiCamDo  Jazz and TAM– Tutta un’Altra Musica (Camerino) and Fara Music (Amatrice).

The event is strongly supported by Italian Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini, and by the mayors of the four municipalities (Pierluigi Biondi in L’Aquila, Sergio Pirozzi in Amatrice, Gianluca Pasqui in Camerino, Paola Agabiti Urbani in Scheggino) and by the world-renowned musician and Artistic Director of the event Paolo Fresu. Over the four days of great music an ideal bridge will be drawn between the four regions all hit by earthquakes in recent years. The event will begin on the 31st of August in Scheggino (Perugia area) in Carlo Urbani square from 17h30; then will more to Camerino (Macerata area) on 1st September with concerts from 14h30 in Rocca Borgesca and in Amatrice (Rieti area) on 2nd September from 17h00 in the Piazzale dell’ex Istituto Alberghiero. The final event will be on Sunday 3rd September in L’Aquila with 600 artists and over 100 bands performing in 18 different locations of the city centre with concerts from 11h00 in the morning until late in the night.

Programme in Scheggino (31 August):
Programme in Camerino (1 September)
Programme in Amatrice (2 September)
Programme in L'Aquila (3 September)