Istanbul Jazz Festival releases “Young Jazz” album with the support of Mehmet Uluğ Fund

“Genç Caz” (translated as Young Jazz) concert series of Istanbul Jazz Festival were initiated in 2003 to provide a platform for amateur and emerging musicians and ensembles in Turkey. Organised for the 19th time in 2021, Young Jazz series grow stronger with the support of Mehmet Uluğ Fund, initiated to honour the memory of Turkish music professional Mehmet Uluğ, whom we lost in 2013.

With the generous support by the Mehmet Uluğ Fund, five participating bands of the Young Jazz series took part in a special album released in collaboration with the Istanbul Jazz Fest and Sony Music Turkey. Featuring one original piece of each band, the recording sessions and the mix and mastering stages are made at the Babajim Studios in Istanbul. Renowned Turkish musicians like Önder Focan, Cenk Erdoğan and Selen Gülün were also among the  of producers and mentors of each session.

You can listen to the “Genç Caz 21” album on various digital platforms: