INSIDE SCOFIELD - a film by Joerg Steineck about the brilliant musician John Scofield

Few jazz musicians alive today can boast such a comprehensive biographical film. The gigantic journalistic work of the film author Joerg Steineck, combined with his attention to small details, makes it necessary for the viewer to tame this object and learn from it. 

Slowly, scene by scene, statement by statement, the film tells through the mouth of its protagonist the story of the determination, hard work, talent, imagination, charming personality and art of living of one of the greatest musicians of modern jazz. 

INSIDE SCOFIELD meanders skillfully between biographical anecdotes and current life events. With John Scofield as the humble, self-reflective narrator of his own story, a remarkably varied career, it becomes an ambitious journey into the mind and soul of a true master musician.

From a fast-paced life on the road to a reclusive home life in Katonah to memorable moments in his old neighborhood in New York, where jazz reached a new level and he launched his career. Along the way, Scofield answers the important questions of music: What is improvisation? What has changed in the last 40 years of constantly touring the globe as a "road dog," how has that change affected the music, and how can you maintain its quality?

It's an incredibly close portrait of dedication to maintaining a career in music while appreciating being a person who plays with other people.
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