Iiro Rantala 2018

The release of Iiro Rantala's next ACT-album happens in a view weeks: last april Iiro realized the gala-concert of the Jazzahead with the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen. The concert was recorded and will be now released on CD. It contains Mozart's piano-concerto No 21, several compositions by Iiro Rantala and other compositions (solo).
Here you may listen to some excerpts already: https://app.box.com/s/9ybf8itghnlsj2elpyigaa48zuypngfz
The titles:
- Candide Ouverture (comp.: L. Bernstein)
- Anyone with a Heart (comp.: I. Rantala)
- Heart Score (comp.: I. Rantala)
- Klavierkonzert Nr. 21 in C-Dur (comp.: W.A. Mozart)
The project is also available on request. But there's also a small version of the project with the swiss Galatea Quartett, ECHO-award-winner 2012. The last open dates:
- Thursday, 13th december 2018
- Maybe friday, 14th december 2018
It's a completely different music and sound than you usually hear in the jazzworld. And as you may hear in the recordings: the more classic-interested audience in Bremen was VERY excited. 
More offers around Iiro Rantala for this coming fall:
Iiro Rantala / Ulf Wakenius
The exciting duo is only for a few dates left available:
- Saturday, 14th july 2018
- Maybe sunday, 15th july 2018
- Sunday, 7th october 2018
Late you may book the duo on request.
Here excerpts from the ACT-Album"Good Stuff" and a video from their concert at Jazz Baltica:
The new solo-program of Iiro Rantala has his finnish homeland as theme. Finland doesn't know only four seasons - like for example Italy - but twelve seasons. Each month is a season there. Iiro searches the effects of the seasons on mankind.
The dates: 
- 10th - 13th october 2018
- Maybe 27th october 2018
- 21st - 24th november 2018
Iiro Rantala Trio
The new trio-line-up comes with Dan Berglund / b and Anton Eger / dr. We decided to add one more short tour, after the april-dates were booked very quickly (the concert in Dortmund is sold out for weeks already!!!).

The dates: 7th - 10th november 2018
Iiro Rantala / Ville Ranta - WHAT A YEAR!
The finnish designer Ville Ranta looks back to the highlights of 2018, musically accompanied by Iiro Rantala. The drawings appear in front of the audience. The visitors may follow the creative process during the concert. And at some point it even becomes interactive with the audience.
There's a short tour in december:
- Thursday, 27th december 2018
- Friday, 28th december 2018
- Maybe Sunday, 30th december 2018
IMPORTANT: We realized specially with Erika Stucky around that time of the year, that the audience likes to visit special concerts. And this here is probably the best project you may have for that week!
We don't have yet plans for 2019. But we annouce more shortly!
It would be nice, if these open spots could be filled soon. Please contact me for further details:
- 0041 33 223 26 01
- 0041 79 310 22 42 (mobile)
Thank you!
Best wishes,
Ralph Gluch