Huun Huur Tu: concert dates for 2018



Huun Huur Tu

Available concerts dates 2018
March; 1 - 10. Europe
March 11 - 18. Ireland
Summer 2018:  24.7. - 10.8  +  28.8 - 2.9.
Fall tour November:  2 - 24.

Huun – Huur – Tu
Kaigal-ool Khovalyg - Vocals (Khöömei, Sygyt, Kargyraa), Igyl
Radik Tyulyush - Vocals (Barbang-Nadyr), Byzaanchi, Khomuz (jew's harp)
Alexej Saryglar - Vocals (Sygyt), Tuyug (horse hooves), Tungur (shaman-drum), Igyl
Sayan Bapa - Vocals (Kargyraa & Khöömei), Toschpulur, Guitar, Igyl

The best throat singers of the world!
In the past years, the ensemble has been on tour throughout the world, appearing on stage as many as two hundred times a year. Most of their shows are sold out!

" … an amazing work of harmonical unity and beauty." (Jazz Thing)
"The longer you listen to the vocal caprioles, the more fascinating becomes this acrobatic onomatopoeia." (natur)
"Infatuating and enchanting, abysmal and magical the throat singing sometimes comprises four octaves - the love songs of the larynx acrobats from Tuva have the accustical depth of a cathedral." (BNN)
"It is perceivable why famous artists like Frank Zappa and the Kronos-Quartett have already worked with the throat singing artis from the heart of Asia." (BNN)
"… a musical miarcle!" (New York Times)
"Singer Khovalyg is the Pavarotti of throat singing." (Newsweek)
"They convince by a wonderful combination of meditative sounds and extatic rhythms." (Tiroler Tageszeitung)
"Master Kaigal-ool Khovalyg elicited his miraculous voice three notes at a time; arranger and rhythmic head Sayan Bapa and fluently and souvereignly handled his long-necked string-instrument Toschpulur, and Anatoly Kuular played an unbelievable solo on his mouth-organ (Khomus)." (Neues Volksblatt)
"When they roar up from their deepest larynxes, the overtones start dancing and soar to transparent, barely palpable melodies. … The throat singing tradition from Tuva develops an archaic fascination from which you can hardly withdraw." (Karlsruhe Kurier)
"Huur-Huun-Tu … gave us ‘enlightening‘ impression of an alien world." (AZ)

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Huun Huur Tu

On tour fall 2017

11.11. Italy – Trieste Teatro Miela
12.11. D – Passau Langhaus Kloster Niedernburg
14.11. HUN – Mako Héttorony Fesztivál 2017
15.11. PL Wroclaw Stary Klasztor
16.11. D Berlin Passionskirche
17.11. D Leipzig Philharmonie
18.11. D Hamburg Laiszhalle
19.11. NL Arnhem Luxor Live
21.11. D Bonn Harmonie
22.11. A Innsbruck Treibhaus
23.11. D München Milla
24.11. D Stuttgart Laboratorium
26.11. D Dresden St. Markus-Kirche Dresden Pieschen
27.11. D – Frankfurt Brotfabrik
28.11. Lith – Vilnius Keistuoliu Theatre
29.11. Lith – Kaunas VDU Hall