Hamilton De Holanda Trio Mundo on tour March 2017

Virtuosic, brilliant and unique - those are some of the adjectives used to describe this musician who sets world audiences ablaze, developing a career studded with awards.

Hamilton De Holanda is a transgressor of the instrument (10 strings mandolin) and creator of a revolutionary technique, the press in the USA immediately called him 'Jimmy Hendrix of the mandolin', the French 'Prince of the mandolin' and the Brazilian 'king'. He is a musician, who infects audiences touring throughout the world, building a career of numerous awards for music focusing on beauty and spontaneity. Hamilton is a musician who combines tradition and modernity performing smoothly through any different formations, achieving thus a way of exposing the musical ideas and impressions about life with 'the heart at his fingertips'. With a splendid technique and absolute brasilian-ness, onstage or in the studio, Hamilton combines dazzling playing and performance filled with emotion. He is utterly versatile, and feels at ease in any type of line-up: solo, with an orchestra, duet, power trio and quintet.

Hamilton De Holanda - mandolin
Guto Wirti - bass
Marcelo Caldi - accordion/piano

On Stage: 3 people
Travel party: 5 people

Hamilton de Holanda live in Campodipietra, Molise, Italy

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On Tour:
March 2017 (Europe)