Ha'fest is the music celebration by the Handelsbeurs in Ghent. Roland Van Campenhout is more or less the central guest. A musician that is often called a blues-rock artist, but is so much more than that. He is a fantastic person with an enormous musical baggage, with which he easily swindles every single one. From 5-year olds up to ancient hippies.

During the four days of Ha’fest, musicians from all over the scene are presented. New productions premiere and artists surprise with their new adventures. You can listen intensely, but there is place for dancing, singing an celebrating too. We leave the walls of our comfortable house and spread our wings. In short: a musical rollicking before you dive into the summer.

The programme:

7.05.14: De Piepkes
All-new songs for the youngest ones (in Dutch). From the age of 5. Sly lyrics and frivolous tunes.

8.05.14: The Bureau of Atomic Tourism / Roland, Mauro Pawlowski, Bart De Nolf & Jeroen Stevens
Double bill with power jazz by an imaginative Belgian-American-Icelandic collaboration and hearty guitar works.

9.05.14: Liesa Van der Aa & 42 Voices: The Hall (creation) / support: Inwolves (Saint James’ Church)
Pop compositions with the grandeur of Carmina Burana, based on ancient Egyptian mysticism and medieval polyphony.

10.05.14: Radio Crochet (Kouter Square)
Peter Vermeersch (Flat Earth Society) arranged known music like the Bolero and Ya Mustapha for a massive orchestra. Everyone can pitch in, whether you can read music or not.

10.05.14: BaBa ZuLa feat. Fred Frith / De Dolfijntjes XL
Double bill with Turkish psychedelics added with a touch of avant-garde guitar rock, and afterwards the turbo ball orchestra of De Dolfijntjes XL.