GOOD FRIDAY at Stadtgarten Cologne concert hall

Friday 14th April 2017 / 20:00h
concert with seat reservation
Throughout Germany, Good Friday is the most quiet day of the year, at least judging by the lack of cultural events on this day. The reason behind it is the so-called 'Sunday and Holiday Law' which has Good Friday down as one of the 'days of silence'. According to the current definition any activity 'offering a pleasant and social way of passing time as well as relaxation' are prohibited on days of silence. However, it is little known that all events dedicated to 'mourning, commemorating the dead and contemplation' are allowed on these days. For next Good Friday we've invited the following musicians to come up with a music programme dealing with these topics in their own style: 
Hayden Chisholm (reeds) & Burnt Friedman (percussion, electronics)
Soft trance while the pace changes invariably. Sax player Hayden Chisholm and Burnt Friedman on drums, percussion and electronics surpass the boundaries of musical idiom with each musical note and each progression, provoking a state of sound which can only be understood on an energetic level. Chisholm's refined and precise sound on the sax and his velvety flute-like tones take each piece of music to a new level with its lyrical beauty. Burnt Friedman's sound has become a clearly recognisable trademark. Meeting of two sound artists: a rather exciting encounter!
Markus Stockhausen (trumpet) & Florian Weber (piano) 
When these two sound and improvisation artists meet, Markus Stockhausen on trumpet and Florian Weber on piano, their great virtuosity is combined with a casual enjoyment to be playing. Flamboyant compositions, inspired improvisation and intuitive play accumulate into one sound scape, deeply moving and full of magic moments. The duo Stockhausen and Weber keep on giving each other cues with complex skilled sequences of notes and chords, lively and jazzy one moment, harmoniously melodic, quiet and introverted the next. The soft flugelhorn with the sensitive sound of the piano at its base.
KUU: Jelena Kuljic (vocals), Kalle Kalima (guitar), Frank Möbus (guitar) & Christian Lillinger (drums)
Two guitarists meet drummer and singer: Kuu! is an explosive musical conversation with German, English and Serbian lyrics, elements from rock, punk, new and electronic music. Drums wizard Christian Lillinger, outstanding guitarists Kalle Kalima and Frank Möbus – both renowned for their broad sound scope –  and Serbian singer Jelena Kuljic are an impulsive powerhouse together: radical, arrogant and absolutely enchanting. Their music rushes past the latest trends, appears strong, dark, passionate and impulsive.  
New service for this concert: seat reservation: As the Stadtgarten develops into a European Centre for Jazz and Contemporary Music we are striving for more audience comfort. As a trial, we will install tiered seating with seat numbers and allow for online seat reservations. We will test this service during one concert per month in April, May and June 2017.