Gaume Jazz Festival 2019

The “Gaume Jazz Festival” was born in August 1985 on the occasion of a double celebration: the International Year of Youth and the European Year of Music in order to create a musical and festive event of great quality in the beloved setting of the Belgian Lorraine in the middle of tourist season. After 34 editions (819 concerts already hosted and 74 creations made), the Gaume Jazz Festival continues its journey around the lines of force that shaped it.

The Gaume Jazz Festival distinguishes itself in the Belgian cultural summer by its artistic ambition mixing, with a constant quality, experienced stars and young emerging creators, Belgian jazz and major European productions, discoveries of new productions and original creations, ... hearty fan of all the flavors of jazz to share in a festive and legendary convivial atmosphere.

Three intense days, from Friday 9 to Sunday 11 August in Rossignol—Tintigny
Discovering the multiple colors of 100% live jazz, in a green area in the heart of Gaume: with 27 concerts “JAZZ for ALL!”

• With real international icons: the legendary Rhoda SCOTT (seen alongside Ray Charles, Count Basie or Ella Fitzgerald, ...) or the Brazilian star LENINE, (singer and multi-instrumentalist who wrote for Gilberto Gil, one of the most respected artists of the “Brazilian popular music”, the famous “MPB”) or Thomas DE POURQUERY (Victories of Jazz: best album in 2014 and Artist of the Year 2017 and France)
• With famous and well-known artists and many others to discover ...: Eve Beuvens / Manu Hermia / Greg Houben / Laurent Blondiau / Anne Wolf / Esinam / Sara Moonen 
• With original or unpublished creations: Toine Thys, Rudy Mathey, Christian Schaubroeck, Papayazz, ...
• With 3 projects, discover with JazzLab and premiere in Wallonia, the most current Flemish scene, ...
• With first Belgians for European groups in full bloom of France (Naïssam Jalal), Spain (Eva Fernandez), Hungary (Gabor Gado) and Luxembourg (Arthur Possing)
• With feminine accents in 10 selected groups, ...
• With as usual some unusual projects rather “cousins of jazz”
• With always and always, the legendary atmosphere of a friendly project of proximity.

The Gaume Jazz “OFF” from the 24/07 to the 11/08 : 11 concerts Festive Jazz - 11 places of interest out of Rossignol

Outside of the Rossignol’s site, these concerts bring to light a festive jazz in places that are unique, remarkable, full of curiosities (Best plan for a visit...) offered with the help of local partners and the support of the Commissariat General in Tourism of the Walloon Region. These are fine and delicate encounters under the sign of discovery and the unpublished to create a cultural and social bubbling throughout the region.

In short, the 35th GJF will once again be a real celebration of “ALL JAZZ for ALL PUBLIC” to enjoy alone, with friends or with the family: A tasty cocktail of jazz and fresh air, direct path to the real emotions of the live show, to be enjoyed without the slightest moderation.

All the details on the festival and presales on:

Coming soon the 35th edition: the annual festival of ALL Jazz for ALL arrives in Gaume!
3 intense days in Rossignol on 9 - 10 - 11 August 2019 but also 11 OFF concerts in 11 places of Gaume