Gaume Jazz festival 2017

Gaume Jazz Festival 2017 from 11 to 13 August: say "33"!

Here we are with the three days of the festival with once again an intense and creative artistic and musical bubbling. In the bucolic park of Rossignol, more than 20 groups (+/- 110 professionals from Belgium and 12 countries and more than 100 amateur musicians) alternate on the 5 stages for an unparalleled multiplicity of flavors: pure jazz and jazz mixed jazz (blues, electro, rock, world, song, ...). The 33rd Gaume Jazz Festival will propose as usual big names, unique creations, some new names of Belgian jazz and some discoveries from Europe. You will enjoy an unequaled range of amazing voices, you will dive into the most recent colors of Belgian or European jazz, you will enjoy exclusive new projects proposed by some confirmed stars and especially make sure not to miss the "cartes blanches" always very awaited ... here is a copious menu to be enjoyed this summer in Rossignol!

Some figures summarize the intensity and the constant progression of the festival: From 1985 to 2016, an impressive guestbook written without any setback: 32 editions, 714 concerts: 490 Belgian and 224 international productions and in 2016= 5,762 visitors and 24,500 listeners.

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