Four new jazz recording released with the support of Puglia Sounds Record 2019

Four new jazz recording released with the support of Puglia Sounds Record 2019, the program aimed at developing new Apulian artists’ productions. 
Luca Alemanno  - I can see home from here - Workin’label
His technical control, accuracy and facility on the bass are terrific. With his music he creates new directions where the tradition is a springboard.” Herbie Hancock

Luca’s music is Art on the highest level. It’s poetic and has vision into the future.Jerry Bergonzi

In his debut album, I Can See Home from Here, bassist and composer Luca Alemanno explores shifting conceptions of home.
Originally from Alessano Italy, Alemanno currently resides in Brooklyn, New York following two years in Los Angeles, three years in Rome, and travels to countless cities and countries. Navigating between continents and cultures, Alemanno’s music explores the meaning of home, whether it is a place, a feeling, an object or a person. In reflecting on his encounters with the familiar and unknown, Alemanno raises questions around cultural identity, community and independence.  I Can See Home From Here features seven original compositions brought to life by a sextet of musicians from around the world, including alto saxophonist Miguel Zenon (Puerto Rico), trombonist Jon Hatamiya (California), vibraphonist Simon Moullier (France), pianist Isaac Wilson (California) and drummer Jongkuk Kim (South Korea). The record culminates with Alemanno’s solo bass interpretation of Hoagy Carmichael’s “Stardust.”
In sharing his process of redefining home, Alemanno hopes to evoke and inspire introspection among listeners in their travels around the globe and within themselves. I Can See Home from Here will be released in october 2019 on Workin' Label Records (I.R.D. distribution).

Line up / avaliable from trio to sextet
Luca Alemanno - Upright Bass
Miguel Zenon - Alto sax
Simon Moullier - Vibraphone
Jon Hatamiya - Trombone
Isaac Wilson - Piano
Jongkuk Kim - Drums and cymbals
Serena Spedicato - Nicola Andrioli - The Shining of Thing dedicated to David Sylvian – Dodicilune

The Shining of Things. Dedicated to David Sylvian” - released on 20th of July 2019 by Italian label Dodicilune - is the new recording project signed by Serena Spedicato and Nicola Andrioli, born from the desire to interpret and develop a songbook of the most important cameos of the vast artistic production of David Sylvian, musician, composer and writer of experimental, intimate and sophisticated music.
The interweaving of dialectic and creativity of the record is entrusted to the elegant voice of Leccese singer Serena Spedicato; to the skilled and refined piano-playing of Nicola Andrioli, who is originally from Puglia but has lived in Belgium for years, and is also the writer of the original arrangements written specifically for this production; to the sought-after Scandinavian trumpeter Kalevi Louhivuori; and to the profound, poetic depth of percussionist Michele Rabbia.
Video teaser:
Serena Spedicato – vocals
Nicola Andrioli - piano, original arrangements
Kalevi Louhivuori - trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics
Michele Rabbia - drums, percussions, electronics

Vito di Modugno - Song from the soul - Abeat Records

Vito Di Modugno is one of the most well-known musician, not only in the national context, especially in contemporary jazz; he is an hammond organ palyer among the most highly regarded internationally. Vito Di Modugno also appeared in the special classification of Down Beat (the most authoritative jazz magazine in the world) among the best performers of this instrument. With "Songs from the soul" Vito Di Modugno best expresses his potential, combining and mixing various sounds and genres, from soul to gospel, from funk to jazz. Together with him some musicians with whom Vito has consolidated over the years collaborative relationships, all of great prestige and national fame (Massimo Manzi, Michele Carrabba, Patrizia Conte, Pietro Condorelli).
Michele Carrabba : saxophones
Pietro Condorelli : guitars
Patrizia Conte : vocals on tracks 2,3,5,7,8,10
Vito Di Modugno : hammond, rhodes on traks 5,6 bass on tracks 2,5
Massimo Manzi : drums
Guido Di Leone – Parents – Abeat Records

Guido Di Leone is a guitarist whose reputation has crossed the national thresholds. It boasts historic collaborations with highly prestigious personalities. One of its peculiarities has always been that of proposing standards rearranged filtering everything thanks to a preparation and a more than thirty-year experience almost always describing minimalist parables with solo interventions and classy arrangements. In an almost chambered formula, elegant and refined at the same time "Parents" offers traditional and original songs. Supported in this adventure by an excellent soloist, American trumpeter Jim Rotondi. On the double bass Paolo Benedettini, a solid elegant rhythmic partner.

Paolo Benedettini : doublebass
Guido Di Leone guitars
Jim Rotondi : trumpet, fluegelhorn