Flanders Arts Institute is a new organisation serving the arts sector in Flanders. On 1 January 2015 Flanders Music Centre, VTi (Institute for the Performing Arts in Flanders)and BAM (Flemish Institute for Visual, Audiovisual and Media Art) merged to form Flanders Arts Institute. The core functions include a focus on international activities and research in support of the practice of the arts and arts policy. 
Flanders Arts Institute will continue to provide information on who’s who and who is doing what concerning the arts sector and arts policy: 

With regular overviews on the arts sector and its various disciplines and themes 
Supporting the daily work of players in the field, including suggestions for improvement and innovation when necessary 
Developing and supporting international contacts in the fields of music, the performing arts and the visual arts in Flanders via visitors’ programmes, international exchange and networking events. 

Flanders Arts Institute is your new reference for all questions about music, the performing arts and the visual arts in Flanders. It will be your facilitator when looking for an artist, peer, partner or network for analysis, your resource for research and trends in the Flemish arts sector.

Developments in the last ten years within the arts field, cultural policy and society at large have required to take also a more cross-sector approach. This merger makes it possible to reinforce the work on common themes in the arts such as the position of individual artists, the relationship between local and national policy, the value of the arts and their role in society, and the relationship of the arts with other domains such as education, economy, tourism and diplomacy. In this, however, Flanders Arts Institute will also be respecting the specificity and differences of each discipline, which will be reflected in our approach and the staff. 

Flanders Arts Institute will also continue the international work of Flanders Music Centre in the field of jazz like the membership of EJN, the coordination of the Belgian presence at Jazzahead, the coordination of the Belgian Jazz Meeting and developing a Belgian Jazz Directory. 

Contact: Katrien van Remortel – katrien@kunsten.be